Meet The Authors


dan defigioDan DeFigio is an Amazon Bestselling Author, whose works include:
Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies,
The Two Week Transformation,
Beyond Smoothies,
Princess Wiggly,
Short Promo Success,
Beach Games For Kids!

Dan works as a personal trainer and nutrition counselor in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the owner and director of Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition, SNAP Fitness of Antioch, and several smaller companies.


paula-hawley shadow

Paula Hawley is the author of Ageless Skin. She is a holistic wellness consultant and an avid information-gatherer who is committed to guiding clients towards high-quality foods, safe and effective supplements, healthy lifestyles, and helping people achieve ageless and radiant skin. Paula is a veteran massage therapist specializing in healing bodywork and homeopathy. She also makes some great music!

Great Skin:
Great Hair:

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Adam Dailey-McIlrath is the author of Kung Fu Carp Fishing. He has been fishing and training in the martial arts since he was a boy.  He has earned a living as a sushi chef, shark feeder, deckhand and police officer.

Adam enjoys many different types of angling.  He has caught more than 50 different species of freshwater and saltwater fish but his greatest passion is catching carp on the fly.


Adam’s writing has been published in The Drake magazine and on the Tenkara USA website and stories of his fishing and world travels can be found on his blog,

Adam holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and a black belt in Aikido and currently lives and fishes in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dana-GrecoDana Greco is a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and certified mediator. She holds a master’s degree from Fordham University and a post-master’s certification from the Ackerman Institute for Family and Couples. Dana has been a specialist family therapist with Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City, a social worker for the public school system, and has held numerous workshops for families in crisis. In addition to her private practice, Dana is the author of Please Don’t Buy Me Ice Cream: a Child’s Rules for Priceless Parenting.

Don-DesrochesDon Desroches is the co-founder of The Mediation and Family Counseling Group, and of Family Advocates Information and Resources to help families in need. They are also the hosts of the radio show “New Beginnings,” which inspired the writing and research for Conscious Coupling.

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